The island of Sulawesi in Indonesia lies between the Banda and Flores Seas, its strange shape reminiscent of a Japanese character. At the most south-eastern end of the island, 250km from the provincial capital of Kendari and behind the gentle mountains, lies the district of Bombana.

It used to be the province's larder and supplier of vast quantities of rice; now it’s a dry mausoleum. The rice that was planted earlier this year looks inedible. In August 2008, huge quantities of gold were found in the region and it has since has been emptied of hard-working hands – everyone wants a part of the wealth that lies beneath their feet. The quest for gold has vast consequences for the people living close to the mines.
Pandi aged 16, miner
Tadir, dead from cancer.
Mining area.
Deserted farmhouse.
Luwan, works in the mining village.
Fishfarm polluted with mercury.
Boy working in the fishfarm.
People of all ages work here.
The camp is unsafe at night.
The Abas family is a farming family
People living in the fishfarm.
Ayarudin works along side his son.
Washing out the gold.
Diesel fumes from the worksite.
Prostitution is on the rise.
Seeking shelter from the sun.
Ascending from the mine.